Are Churpi Chews Safe for my Dog?

Given the digestibility of Churpi, coupled with the lack of irritants in it, it is fair to say that Himalayan chews like this are one of the safest dog chews known. Being made from three all-natural, organic ingredients, in a very simple process this chew is fully digestible. Given that this is the hardest cheese in the world, dogs will take a long time gnawing the bar. This aids cleaning their teeth as the churpi chew slowly softens. Sometimes they manage to break off pieces that they will chew on for an extended period of time to continue softening them.

As with any dog treat, we suggest you watch your dog. Actually, once the chew is in to the last inch or so (still too big to swallow) it is best to microwave it for a 1-2 minutes. This process converts the remaining piece into an awesome crunchy snack, similar to Churpi Crunch Bites.

Get a dog size and age appropriate chew. Go one size bigger or thicker chew if your dog is a known alligator! Churpi chews are safe for puppies, youth, and adult dogs and all breeds. For more information on churpi see our detailed churpi guide.

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