Bully sticks or Rawhide, which is better?

Chances are if you have a dog, he’s not just a dog, but a part of your family. You want to make sure that they are not only loved and taken care of but safe and healthy. One of the most popular questions when it comes to something like treats is what’s better; rawhide or bully sticks?

When it comes to either treat, it’s important that you spend a little more money and get higher quality treats. In the case of Bully Sticks, we’re referring to real and high-quality sticks.

Bully Sticks


– These are made from one single ingredient: Bull Pizzle (yes, it’s what you think it is!)

– When you buy quality sticks, these are 100% natural.

– They are fully digestible and safe for your dog’s stomach and intestines.

– They are a low-fat and low calorie. When comparing rawhide and bully sticks, bully sticks have about 350 calories for 1 foot.

– Satisfies the dogs urge to chew

– High in protein and nutrients.

– Great for dental health

– There are no artificial colors, tastes or preservatives, better than a lot of other treats.


-They can be incredibly expensive.

– They can be smelly, right out of the package, but even more so when the dog starts chewing on them. There are odorless sticks on the market. And good quality bully sticks won’t smell.



One of the reasons dog owners choose from rawhide and bully sticks is because they really are complete opposites when it comes to the benefits and cons.

– Inexpensive: Unlike the bully sticks which can cost up to $7 a pack, you can get rawhide for much cheaper.

– Lower in calories than the bully sticks

– Great for puppies and can be used as a teething aid for painful gums


Rawhide is cheaper and great for puppies and adult dogs alike, but they are not digestible which means you’ll have to constantly watch your dog to make sure they don’t swallow the treat. They could potentially be a choking hazard or cause a intestinal obstruction on your furry friend.

These treats are also often exploited with harsh chemicals when they are imported from China which means you’ll have to find a reputable retailer that ONLY makes them in the USA.


When it comes to comparing these treats you have a tough decision ahead of you. But, bully sticks are becoming more and more popular over the years for dogs; and for good reason. While they do cost a little more, they are clearly better for your dog and they are digestible!

When handling with any type of animal product dog chew or treat, wash your hands after.