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Dental Treats, Our Dog Approved Top 5

Best Dog Dental Treats For Oral Health

Top 5 Dental Treats

Want to reduce your pooch’s tartar without spending the time and traumatizing old Sparky in the process by brushing his teeth? Let us save you the research! We have reviewed some of the top brands of tartar reducing products to keep your pet’s mouth happy and healthy. We used a highly distinguished dog panel and asked their human assistants to comment and rate these dental treats.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Dental Care Chews

Pros: The dogs invariably gobbled these chews up and begged for more. One of the dogs was known to have a very sensitive stomach and experienced no digestive upset.

Cons: Some of the parents noticed there is no treat count on the label of the multi-packs, so it was hard to know the price per treat. A couple of the smaller dogs had a hard time chewing them and their owners had to break them up.

Score: 4.7 stars ****+

Improved Milk Bone Brushing Chews

Pros: Fur-parents were surprised to see how clean their babies’ teeth became after just one treat. The dogs loved them as well, and they are the most inexpensive in the group.

Cons: These may be a choking hazard for smaller dogs if they try to swallow the pieces whole.

Score: 4.5 stars ****+ Improved Milk Bone Brushing Chews

Virbac CET VeggieDent Chews

Pros: This product definitely wowed doggie moms and dads with how well it cleaned teeth. One mom said she was going to have to take her dog in for a professional cleaning, but after trying these, her pup no longer needs it.

Cons: Several human assistants mentioned that these were formerly very affordable, but have recently gone through a series of price hikes.

Score: 4.3 stars ****+

Vet IQ Minties Medium Dog Dental Treats

Pros: Parents loved their pooch’s fresh minty breath and noticed healthier teeth.

Cons: None of the dogs tested outright refused this product, but some were less than enthusiastic about the mint flavor.

Score: 4.4 stars ****+

Merial Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews

Pros: Multiple parents commented that these keep the tartar off their pets’ gums, and liked how it made their breath completely odorless.

Cons: This product is on the pricier side, some of the dogs had to be coaxed into eating them, and some gnawed off big chunks and swallowed them whole, so that there was little tartar-cleaning benefit.

Score: 3.9 stars ***+

Most of the reviewed treats were effective at cleaning the dogs’ teeth and freshening breath. Some had taste and texture issues, while others were pricey. They all had merit, but the overall favorite was Hills Prescription Diet Canine Dental Chews. Any of these quality brands will help your dog’s oral health by getting rid of the tartar.

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