Vacation or going out of town what to do with your pet?

Going On Vacation? What to Do With Your Pet

When preparing to go out of town for vacation, family matters or work, finalizing all the little details can be overwhelming. One area of stress for many is, What will I do with my pet(s)? Fret no further, my dog-loving friend. We are here to go through the available options and list the pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision on your dog boarding need. For the sake of pronouns, we will go with Sparky, a male dog. However, this holds true for almost any pet.

1. Pet Sitter

Pros: Sparky can stay home, and someone will come to your home to handle his day to day needs in his environment.

Dog on vacation

Cons: Most pets would require someone coming to the home at least twice daily, which can be costly. Finding someone who lives close enough can be a challenge. Then there is the issue of TRUST. If you do not know this person, are you going to be able to truly relax knowing they (and possibly their friends) have unlimited access to your belongings? Finally, prepping your home for a visitor and writing out instructions can be overwhelming on top of your other vacation prep.

2. Dog Boarding at a Kennel

Pros: This option is the most low maintenance/ stress-free option. Many kennels are attached or in close proximity to a veterinary clinic (just in case). They are staffed daily with animal professionals who understand the needs of your pet. They give you a list of what you need to bring and get an intake form with all the pertinent questions. You just plug in the answers. This option is usually more cost-effective than a sitter. A good boarding facility could mini-vacation for your dog.

Cons: Some may worry that there would be neglect issues. Though rare, incidents like this can happen. Luckily, unsatisfied pet owners invariably take to the internet to give a full disclosure review. You should be able to read reviews of available kennels in your area.

Before you decide on a facility consider asking them these questions.

3. Dog Boarding with Friend/ Family

Pros: You likely trust this person with your pet.

Cons: As a general rule of thumb, it is best not to do business with close personal contacts. They may refuse payment, making them resent the favor and things could get awkward if your pet damages property. Your pet will be under stress in an unfamiliar place and may exhibit abnormal behaviors, such as having accidents, being destructive, or running off.

After reviewing these pet vacation options, going with a dog boarding solution seems like the safest, least stressful option. After all, you go on vacation to relax and leave your home life at home, not to worry about how everything is going with Sparky.  You can always read various review sites like Yelp or Rover on the experiences other owners have had with kennels or pet sitters.

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