What Items To Bring When Boarding Your Dog

What to bring boarding your dog?

What do I pack when boarding my dog

Taking your beloved fur-baby to a boarding kennel for the first time can be very daunting. There several pressing questions many pet owners face. What to bring boarding your dog? What items does the kennel require? How can I help Sparky feel calm, comfortable, and entertained while I am away? Of course, individual kennels may vary, so it is best to ask boarding questions before arriving. Here is a rundown of typically recommended items to bring to make little Sparky’s stay more enjoyable for everyone.


The number one item when you board your dog! You will want to bring the same food your pooch has been eating to prevent him from getting an upset tummy and keep his routine familiar and comfortable. A good idea is to portion out meals and bring to the kennel in a container in advance to allow correct feeding. It worth adding one extra serving for every two days spent there (in case you get delayed or spillage occurs). We also recommend leaving a serving-sized scoop in the food bin to take the guesswork out of it for the kennel staff. Make it even easier by taping instructions to the outside of the food bin (i.e., “Give 1 scoop every morning and evening”). You may also want to send the food and water dishes your pup uses at home for consistency.


Make sure you fill out a medication form for any treatments, supplements, or medications Sparky needs. Supply the medication in its original bottle with the label intact for safety precautions. Leave written instructions detailing dosage amount and schedule, and whether the medicine and/or supplements must be taken with food, and your routine on these medications have been given to your pup, hidden in food, gently placed in the back of the throat or given with pill pockets.

Required documentation

Most dog boarding centers will require up to date vaccinations and veterinary records. Be sure to check with your chosen boarding facility, certain states might require the kennel to keep a record on hand. Bring an extra copy they can keep if needed.


Some doggie daycares provide toys for their furry guests. However, it will undoubtedly help Sparky feel more comfortable to gnaw on one or two of his own beloved friends. Make sure the toys you send can be easily sanitized upon your return home to prevent the spread of germs and they are good to bring boarding your dog.


This is a good idea, whether or not your kennel uses their own leashes. Some kennels do this to avoid them getting lost or mixed up, but they may keep yours in the office for you for when you return, or you can store it in your vehicle.

Bedding/Comfort Item

Some boarders provide a cot or mat, but your pup will undoubtedly feel more comfortable sleeping on a familiar surface. As with the toys, make sure this is something that can be cleaned upon your return. In addition, we recommend you bring to the kennel a cloth item that holds your scent. An unwashed T-shirt, pillowcase, bathmat, or towel will do just fine. This will work wonders to keep Sparky feeling calm and close to you.

After you have gathered and packed the items on this list, take a deep breath, relax, now you know what to bring boarding your dog. You will feel secure in the knowledge that you have prepared Sparky for a happy stay at his new hotel.

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